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Your field service provider for all man power tasks, overhaul and maintenance jobs. We are experts in major rotating equipment, compressors, pumps, turbines etc. In addition, to Our field service we offer a unique spare part kit’s solution that optimize job execution – whether planned or un-planned.

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JKP Fieldservices 17 months ago
With our focus on enriching relationships with our customers and keeping updated on the latest strategies, we welcomed Business Academy South West to take our employees on a journey into customer behavior, customer relationship and so much more! An amazing learning experience for our team and a great opportunity for our company to simply strengthen our competencies and continuing having the best tools to provide our customers with the best service and products.
Sales Course EASV 06122018
JKP Fieldservices 23 months ago
We have participated in the 32nd Turbomachinery Customer Technology Seminar 2018 in Zurich. Our Kit Service Manager Chris Andersen, describes the seminar as a very developing and knowledge rich experience.
“It was very interesting to learn more about the processes out of my area of responsibility and getting a total different point of view of the decision making from the engineers’ side”.
It was also an opportunity to learn new processes and updates and get input about synergy between the different phases of Maintenance. The seminar covered areas such as:
• Aerodynamics, Mechanics & Rotor Dynamics
• Development and new types of Turbomachinery
• Design of Centrifugal, Axial and Screw compressors
• Seal Systems for Turbomachinery
• Design of gas- and steam turbines
• Maintenance and revamps aspects
• Testing procedures
A great opportunity for our company to get close to the strategic, tactical and operational processes, thus acquiring important tools to reinforce our philosophy for a comprehensive job execution every time.
Man Turbomachinery Customer Technoogy Seminar Class 2018
JKP Fieldservices 3 years ago
Our boys at Shell has successfully completed their jobs at TA2017. Good team spirit, high quality work and awesome stamina from the guys.

The jobs completed comprised overhaul of:
- Frame 5, 25 MW Gas Turbine
- 25 MW Generator
- Void Gearbox
- Accessor Gearbox
- MAN Turbo Steam Turbine
- Tomasson Compressor

The jobs were executed in cooperation with Shell and as always a joy working together with the competent guys at the Refinery.
JKP FoE JobManagement6