Iain Marwic 1k
Iain Marwick
Senior Technician
Toldbodvej 1, 6700 Esbjerg
+45 81 44 12 90
Meet the team

Iain Marwick

Mr. Marwick is employed as a Senior Technician and is a highly skilled Turbine Technician with more than 15 years of experience in the installation, overhaul, and repair of various gas turbine packages.  Mr. Marwick's focus lay on field service installation, commissioning, troubleshooting and the maintenance and inspection of Gas Turbines both onshore and offshore.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Gas Generator
  • Fuel systems 
  • Installation of Control System 
  • Installation of power turbine packages
  • Inspection of gas generators
  • Overhaul and repair of various gas turbine packages