Field and kit service - GT

In a brief

This story covers a series of job, performed on an offshore installed GT driven compressor. Comprising both offshore field service, kit service and SAP advisory. A clean example of the value that JKP Fieldservices can bring to Your maintenance performance.

JKP Fieldservices participated in the job as acting liaison between the OEM representative and the client.

The first job was a corrective maintenance job, it was executed and completed with unoriginal parts and with re-use of certain items due to a lack of properly updated spares. Following this job and based on advisory from JKP Fieldservices, the client decided to do a review of their spares and re-construct their kits in order to ensure minimum downtime for the job. JKP Fieldservices used their practical experience to construct the correct kits with the required spares and tools to optimally perform the job.

Kits were constructed physically and SAP PM/MM was updated with corresponding BOM’s, so both onshore and offshore personnel have access to the, at any point, immediate status for the parts and tools.

Due to the nature of the first job, an additional offshore job was required. The new kits were sent offshore in due time for the job and it was completed successfully and the kits returned for refill. The job was executed in a smooth manner and corrections from the first job was implemented.


  • Good advisory, for optimal job execution.
  • Competent offshore field service personnel.
  • Kits with special tools and spare parts.
  • Updated BOM’s in SAP PM/MM
  • Documentation review and inclusion of the required in the kits and BOM’s.


Following the completion of the jobs the following was recorded.

  • Offshore downtime, two weeks, could have been avoided if a spare part kit was up-to-date and available from the beginning.

- This learning was carried on to Our coming projects.

  • Positive feedback from OEM, after cooperation with JKP Fieldservice personnel.
  • Positive feedback from client and OEM on the preparedness of the job and tools.