Job Management
Plan, Prepare, Execute and Learn

In a brief

This case is a prime example of how execution of a job can be optimized significantly by having JKP Fieldservices assist in the preparation of the job.

In this case, Our job started onshore instead of offshore, where we reviewed all kits to determine spare part and tool condition and capability. This minimized valuable offshore time in that the tools and parts were readily available. Special tools were fabricated, documentation was reviewed and finally new kits were constructed for facilitate the offshore job better.

Together with Juel & Krøyer Maintenance Engineering all work preparation, such as purchasing, contracting and logistics were managed. During the offshore job execution, the back-office provided continuous when required. The job was successfully completed.


  • Good advisory, for optimal job execution.
  • Implementation of learnings from previous projects
  • Competent offshore field service personnel.
  • Kits with special tools and spare parts.
  • Updated BOM’s in SAP PM/MM
  • Documentation review and inclusion of the required in the kits and BOM’s.


  • All special tools and spare parts readily available for Job.
  • Reduced downtime offshore. The onshore review of the spare and tools saved a significant amount of time. It is questionable, if the job could be completed if the review was not conducted.
  • Great cooperation with OEM and client.
  • Positive feedback from client and OEM on the preparedness of the job and tools

Feedback from OEM:

“JKP Fieldservices. Mechanical personnel are well trained. Job preparation was good and onsite a tool container and spares was set for use by JKP Fieldservices”