In a brief

For Shell Refinery JKP Fieldservices conducted, in cooperation with OEM, overhaul of:

  • Frame 5, 25 MW Gas Turbine
  • Void gearbox.
  • Accessor gearbox
  • Enclosure and exhaust system
  • Tomasson Compressor
  • MAN Turbo steam turbine
  • 25 MW Generator

JKP Fieldservices managed the job over a period of five weeks with a continuous staff of 15 persons. 24/7 JKP worked in close cooperation with Shell staff and OEM staff and acted as both leading job safety manager, liaison and technical expert on the equipment.

The jobs were conducted in connection with the Shell refinery’s turn around September/October 2017 with JKP personnel working in two shifts around the clock. The jobs were executed within time and the start-up of the machinery was done with no leakages or other “child sicknesses”.

A successful job where JKP again showed the value of including a team of dedicated staff to represent and manage the interests of the client in the job execution. The importance of having an independent “3rd” party contractor was clearly demonstrated in JKP personnel’s dedication to drive and solve all challenges that were faced throughout the project.


  • Safety management.
  • Job management.
  • Technical expertise.
  • Support to OEM.
  • Client representative in the day-to-day work.
  • 24/7 back office support.
  • 24/7 problem solving.
  • Job completion, JKP scope, on time.
  • Ordering of spare parts, repair and fabrication services 24/7


  • 0 incidents
  • Flexible and reliable job execution. Within budget and on time (JKP scope).
  • Support and sparring with OEM and Shell.
  • Flexible and fast support from back office and sub-contractor network, ensured fast and efficient problem solving.
  • High quality deliverables. Swift and professional start-up of the equipment.