Kit Service

Kit Service

Through the cooperation with J&K Maintenance Engineering we achieve a unique combination of practical experience, technical machine knowledge and maintenance knowledge. Our kits are therefore constructed for both the System Responsible and the Technician, so valuable downtime is minimized – onshore as well as offshore. 

JKP Fieldservices’ kit solutions are characterized by:

  • High practical usability.
  • Easy and logical access to each part in the kit.
  • Correct preservation of parts.
  • Technical assessment and preparation of parts and tools.
  • Comprehensive visual documentation of components in the kit.
  • Complete certification of the individual parts.
  • Complete integration in the CMMS.
  • A certified (ISO 9001) and high-quality service.
  • Fast, Professional and Reliable service – 24/7.

The philosophy behind our kit service is that our customer shall be independent of the service provider – the kit setup is for the customer! The solution that JKP Fieldservices deliver is thus holistic and fully integrated in our customers CMMS, making the use of 3rd party software redundant.

We have a continuous flow of kits through our warehouse and Our dedicated personnel are experts within usage of the kits offshore and in the software managing the logistics around the kits. 

So in short: We make the kits so they fit the personnel and job they are designed for and we integrate the solution in the clients’ CMMS e.g. SAP – so the solution is holistic and transparent.

We work with You to create value for You.

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