People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it.

JKP Fieldservices

The driver behind JKP Fieldservices is a desire to deliver the best independent service to our customers by minimizing the gap between technicians, back-end engineers and advisors where important knowledge is often lost.

We are available 24/7 and can deliver service technicians worldwide. Our portfolio of employees is ready at short notice and will travel to e.g. yard stays or offshore… whenever this is required.

With JKP Fieldservices personnel You get a crew that is dedicated and put safety and their integrity above all other. JKP personnel are the clearest example of how Our values come into live every day.

  • They are proactive and interested.
  • They integrate excellent in teams, with both OEM and client crew.
  • They understand the importance of the job and how it affects You.
  • The live to the trust they are shown.
  • They take pride in delivering a comprehensive and high-quality job.
  • They look outside their scope and take the necessary actions if required.

We deliver personnel to ad hoc assignments, for project- and maintenance teams both offshore and onshore, in the Oil & Gas industry as well as in the maritime industry. Read more about Our expertises below and have a look at Our case stories here.

JKP FoE MechMaint

Mechanical maintenance – Offshore and onshore

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JKP FoE kitservice

Kit Service

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JKP FoE JobManagement

Job management

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JKP FoE turbines


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JKP FoE gear and engines

Gear and Engines

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JKP FoE Marine and Wind Services

Marine Services

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